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eCommerce Fulfillment Pricing

Zipscale Likes to keep pricing simple. 
Use our fulfillment cost calculator for a services estimate, or schedule a free consultation & get a custom quote - no strings attached!

Fulfillment Cost Calculator

Zipscale Pricing 

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International Shipping 
Negotiated Rates
Door-To-Door Tracking

Zipscale has negotiated rates with carriers so we can get. our customers the best shipping prices. Zipscales software solutions compares shipping costs to make sure you're always getting the best price no matter the size, weight or the destination of your order. 


Included Services 

 Dedicated support team
No setup fees
 Free customer portal

Zipscale will provide a free slack channel for instant communication with your fulfillment team. Your dedicated support team will integrate your sales channels, set automated rules, map shipping methods, and onboard you to your customer portal. 


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Amazon FBA 

 48 Hour turnaround

Zipscale knows how critical Amazon FBA is to your eCommerce storefront's success. Zipscale has an efficient process to make Amazon FBA effortless.  At Just $30 per man per hour, no project is too big or small. 


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 Instant inventory check-in
Accurate Receiving 

Inventory will be immediately checked in on arrival, and ready to fulfill your orders within 48 hours. 


Zipscale Special Pricing

Special Projects

⭐ $30 per man hour. 

⭐ All special projects are confirmed before charged. 

Inserts / Stickers

⭐ First insert free.   

⭐ $0.25 per each additional insert after the first. 


⭐ $2.50 Per Return + $0.25 per additional item.

⭐ Zipscale can manage all aspects of returns.  


⭐ $0.05 - 2.00 based on type & size.  

⭐ Or provide your own custom packaging!

Special Projects

⭐ $30 per man hour. 

⭐ All special projects are confirmed before charged. 

Tape, Dunnage, labels 

⭐ Free! 

⭐ Zipscale Provides all of these Materials. 

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